Supports the Preparation for & Recovery from Sport Effort

VITA-E-PLUS contains antioxidants which have a role in preventing cellular oxidation, and are necessary for normal growth and fertility. It also contains Vitamins B1 and B2 which are required to maintain normal appetite and bodyweight, and for general metabolism; and Lysine which has a role in normal protein synthesis.

It is suitable for feeding to horses engaged in high intensity training and competition, as well as to stallions, broodmares and young growing stock.


Presentation 1.5KG

Instructions for Proper Use:

VITA-E-PLUS should be added to the normal feed ration.

All Horses: Add 50g daily to a minimum of 1kg of the normal feed.
Foals, Yearlings & Ponies: Add 25g daily to a minimum of ½ kg of the normal feed.

VITA-E-PLUS is a nutritional supplement product for inclusion in horses feed where levels may be low – product has no therapeutic effect.

Antioxidant nutrients can all be found in TRM’s VITA-E-PLUS