• Post published:July 11, 2020

The Irish Sport Horse Studbook Showjumping series is in its sixteenth year in existence. Each year there is €80,000 on offer for these prestigious classes. However, this year the Irish Sport Horse studbook is extremely excited to welcome TRM on board. TRM have kindly agreed to sponsor a product pack specifically for the winning breeders to the value of €1000 for each age category at each leg of the series. This brings the overall value of prizes to over €100,000.

This series main objective is to produce 5, 6 and 7-year-old Irish Sport Horses to the best possible standard while competing in the main arenas in the best venues nationwide. The courses are designed and built by top international course designers while all the time endeavouring to look inviting and encouraging to develop young horses.

The breeders and producers are offered every opportunity to show case their animals on a national platform while promoting their own stock and breeding lines. Through this platform many horses have been sold and it has proven to be a great success over the years.

International rider, producer and breeder Ger O’Neill explains ‘This new investment from TRM highlights the previous success of this Showjumping series. The prize money has always been excellent for these classes but TRM’s investment is welcomed by breeders at this particular time. I have been lucky enough to win in the studbook series over the years and this has helped me retain my horses to win gold medals for Ireland in the WBFSH world championships. This series is the backbone of the industry and is responsible for the fundamental change in Irelands progression to the production of world class Irish Sport Horses. I look forward to competing my young Irish Sport Horses through these classes for years to come’

TRM’s breeding range is used prolifically in thoroughbred stud farms. Due to an increased professionalism evident in sport horse breeders we are seeing a greater use and awareness of these products. Ensuring that the nutritional requirements are meet for pregnant mares, lactating mares, foals, stallions and young stock is a very important aspect in creating tomorrows champions. 

Elaine Hatton, Nadia Rea and Alison Corbally

TRM Marketing Manager Elaine Hatton said, “Being an Irish company who export our equine healthcare range globally it was only fitting that TRM support the breeders of Ireland who also export a quality product – the Irish Sport Horse – around the world.” 

With over a dozen products scientifically formulated for the Stud Farm. From their leading supplement – CALPHORMIN – For Optimum Skeletal Development and Conformation to CHELATED COPPER and DIAZORB for digestive tract upsets in foals all requirements are met in the TRM range. See the entire TRM Breeding Range

Jim Bolger, Racehorse Trainer and Breeder comments CALPHORMIN is an integral part of my breeding programme.” 

TRM’s Showjumping ambassadors reflect the quality of their products, Steve Guerdat, Markus Ehning, Cian O’Connor, and Greg Broadrick to mention a few. In fact, some 14 Olympians are TRM ambassadors!

Alison Corbally Director of Breeding and Programmes in Horse Sport Ireland said ‘as breeders become more scientifically focused to produce quality internationally competitive sport horses, this extensive product pack supplied by TRM will be particularly welcomed to ensure that all nutritional requirements of their Irish young stock are met. We wish all the breeders, producers and owners the very best of luck as they progress through this years’ ISH Studbook Series.’