Gut Nutrition Formula

GNF Paste is a complementary feed combining minerals, amino acids and a prebiotic which have a role in general metabolism and are required for normal feed conversion. It should be used to complement the feed of horses.

It is suitable for feeding:

  • To maintain digestive function.
  • To horses with depressed appetites, weight loss, or exhibiting stable vices such as cribbing or wind sucking.

Presentation 28 x 80g

Instructions for Proper Use:

Feed two 80g servings per day for 14 days.
(one 80g serving in the morning prior to feeding, and one 80g serving prior to the afternoon/evening feed).

GNF Paste can also be fed for maintenance of a healthy digestive tract by feeding one 80g serving per day.
(40g in the morning prior to feeding, and 40g in afternoon/evening prior to feeding).

Alternatively as a maintenance nutritional adjunct feed 100g of GNF Pellets per day divided between the meals.

Maintain Equine Digestive Function with GNF