• Post published:June 30, 2014

Vincent Byrne and Mr Rockerfeller were the winners once again of the Horseware/TRM National Grand Prix at Charleville Show on Sunday (29th June).

25 riders lined up to challenge the Tony Hurley designed course at the Mallow venue. Vincent Byrne has held the top spot on the leading rider table and Mr Rockerfeller leads the horse table.

1st Vincent Byrne/Mr Rockerfeller 0/0 42.35

2nd Peter Moloney/Ribanbelle 0/0 44.24

3rd Liam O’Meara/Mr Coolcaum 0/0 44.36

4th Francis Connors/Uskerty Diamond Lady 0/0 45.17

5th Vincent Byrne/Hannibal V Oversis Z 0/4 48.77

6th Martin Hynes/Galway Brigade 0/4 48.81

7th Francis Connors/Hyperion 0/4 49.14