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TRM® Ambassador Profile – Sara Morganti ITALY


Sarah Morganti, an Italian Paralympic equestrian hailing from Garfagnana, Italy, embarked on her equestrian journey at the age of 13, inspired by her older sister. Despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 19, Sarah persevered in riding for enjoyment. However, the absence of competitive engagement led her to explore Para dressage in 2005, marking a new chapter in her equestrian pursuits.

Sarah made her debut in Para dressage in 2009. Alongside her equestrian accomplishments, she graduated from university with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and is currently in the process of completing a degree in Translation. Despite facing health challenges, Sarah has remained undeterred in pursuing her dreams of success.

Sara mentions that her role model growing up and still plays a big part in her career is Laura Conz. She is her sports coach and has trained her through her whole paralympic journey. Sara believes that Laura is an example of a women who has fulfilled in sports and in life at the highest level and she looks up to her.


Career Highlights:

Sara winning her first-ever European Gold Medal at the 2023 FEI Para Dressage European Championships.
Sara and her horse 'Grazie'.

Although Sara has had some memorable days throughout her career, there has also been some tough times. In 2006, she was forced to stop competing and pursue in getting treatment on neuropathic pain. In this time, she got her brain working and finished her University degree. Again in 2011, she got a bad fall and fractured her tibia and fibula which was months before the European Championships. She was in a lot of pain but still ended up competing and finishing 4th which showed her dedication and hard work to the sport.

Sara took bronze on Royal Delight at the 2020 Tokyo, this was a huge result as her horse failed the vets for the 2016 Rio Olympics meaning she couldn’t compete that year.

Sara has built a strong partnership with one horse in particular ‘Royal Delight’ who she has won 4 World Titles on throughout her career. But only months ago, Morganti secured her first ever European Gold Medal in the Freestyle with her horse ‘Mariebelle’.

In 2023, she won awards which included the Sportrait Awards and the Viareggio Sport Award. 


Sara’s main goal for the 2024 season is to put all her time and work into getting to the Paris Paralympics. She will also be hit with a challenge of choosing which horse she will be partnering with for the big occasion. 

Sara recently obtained a Master’s Degree in Sport and Motor Activities Management which she would like to build on.

"I would like to thank TRM for the precious support you give me. My horses are always healthy, relaxed and shiny thanks to your supplements".
Sara Morganti
Italian Para Equestrian Dressage Rider
Sara winning at the Italian Championships.
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