• Post published:January 30, 2024

TRM® Visit Emma Blundell at Mount St John Stud & Conor Swail claims victory. 

𝗧𝗥𝗠® are delighted to announce their continued support to Emma Blundell and all the Team at Mount St John Stud for the year ahead.
Mount St John specialises in breeding dressage horses of the highest standard as well as producing competition horses both at home and in training with elite dressage riders. 𝗧𝗥𝗠® particularly looks forward to following two equine stars already on the long list for the 2024 Paris Olympic game – Mount St John Freestyle (DEN) and Mount St John Top Secret (SP)
𝗧𝗥𝗠®’s Chief Marketing Manager Elaine Hatton visited the Mount St John stud, set in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside in England, last week.


Emma Blundell pictured with TRM'S Elaine Hatton at Mount St John Stud.
TRM Ambassador Conor Swail.

We are thrilled to share the latest equestrian success story featuring TRM Ambassador, Conor Swail, at the Desert International Horse Park this week.

In the highly competitive 1.50m 3* Speed event over the weekend, both of his boys preformed. Stan placed 2nd and Theo placed 3rd. The dynamic duo continued their success as Theo clinched victory in the 3* Grand Prix a few days later. Crosby, a formidable force in Conor Swail’s team, continued the winning streak by claiming the top spot in Sunday’s $32k 3* Classic. 

Conor Swail, a loyal advocate of TRM, shared his thoughts on the brand, stating, “I’ve been using TRM products for nearly 10 years now. I would say I rely on and trust TRM to ensure my horses are feeling and performing their best. They have great products for all my horses, young and old, specific to all their distinct needs”.