• Post published:March 12, 2020

2020 is set to be another thrilling year for TRM, Europe’s leading manufacturer of nutritional feed supplements for performance horses, as this week they announced the launch of their latest product, MAXI-TOP EQUINE.


TRM’s Newest product MAXI-TOP EQUINE


IT is a complementary feed for horses, designed to supply a significant source of Amino Acids, particularly Branch Chain Amino Acids, which will assist in the development and maintenance of muscle mass in: 

  • Horses in intense training and competition.
  • Young growing horses.
  • During periods of rehabilitation after surgery or injury.
  • Assist fetal growth during the last third of pregnancy & meet the protein requirements of mares during lactation

IT contains 100% vegan ingredients, and the amino acids derive primarily from selective isolate of pea protein.


TRM’s Newest product MAXI-TOP EQUINE

Composition of MAXI-TOP EQUINE

The product is a palatable easy to feed pellet consisting of Pea Protein Isolate.

(A high quality source of amino acids), extruded soya beans and natural yeast, all of which provide a concentrated source of full spectrum amino acids.

The key feature of it is the very high level of the three-branch chain amino acids plus high levels of the other essential amino acids.

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