Getting Back Into Action?

The old adage “fail to prepare and prepare to fail” rings through, no doubt trainers are working hard at slowly building up horses’ fitness, agility and strength in preparation for a full competition schedule.
Have you thought however of the horse’s nutraceutical requirements for when they are in full work? 

The key to success is to prepare now, not when it is too late! Slowly building the reserves of joint support, antioxidants and haemoglobin requirements such as Iron and B vitamins should start now. 

It is not reasonable to expect to see results over night whether this is in physical training or through the use of supplements. Like everything with horses, they must be given time to maximise their potential.

TRM want to make sure that any competition time lost in the past year is regained by being ready! So how will the combination of KURASYN 360X and IRONXCELL ‘Power your Performance’?:

  • KURASYN 360X – Potent antioxidant – via bioavailable Curcumin -to assist in the recovery from training and the removal of toxic by products (free radicals) that result from cell breakdown during exercise.
  • KURASYN 360X – Source of low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid particularly important in building up and maintaining the viscosity of synovial fluid in joints for ease of movement.
  • IRONXCELL – Supplies the optimal level of Iron for daily supplementation in the hard-working performance horse.
  • IRONXCELL – Ensures sufficient Iron and B complex vitamins, for the optimal delivery of energy from cellular respiration.
  • IRONXCELL – Source of B complex vitamin – The typical performance horse is fed a high grain / low forage diet which can result in the death of the B vitamin-producing bacteria because of a starch-induced reduction of pH in the hindgut. Therefore, supplementation of B Vitamins in the performance horse is warranted.

A little preparation now will mean a lot when the time is right. Power your Performance with TRM’s KURASYN 360X and IRONXCELL.